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Dan Glynn - Co-Founder

Dan is an accomplished producer/director with over 19 years experience in the film & broadcast television industry. Alongside Mat, he supervises all aspects of production from inception through to completion. His recent credits include ‘I am Duran’, '48hrs with Ali' and 'The Verve: Bittersweet Memories‘. 

Mat Hodgson - Co-Founder

With fellow co-founder Dan, Mat oversees all of our creative output and business affairs. Mat's directing/producing credits include ‘The Four Year Plan’, ‘Night Of The Fight’, ’Sleeping Giant’, ‘Fight Game’, and ‘Brothers in the Sand’. Recently Mat has finished producing and directing the ambitious feature documentary ‘I Am Durán’.

Ariana Ryan - Head of Production

As a senior member of the company, Ariana supervises all our production, client relations, financial and legal matters. With vast industry experience, her role is to guide all projects from inception to delivery in addition to longterm planning and management within the company.

Mark Robinson - Photographer

With over 20 years in the industry, Mark has a portfolio of photography in sport, lifestyle and fashion that is second to none. He provides highest quality imagery to complement our production work be it either as part of the wider commercial campaign or behind-the scenes.

Tom Magnus - Director/Editor

Tom is a passionate and dedicated team member. He directed and self shot the 3 part BBC documentary series 'Fight Game - The McGuigans' and co-directed 'Brothers in the Sand'. As an editor, Tom has the 'Midas Touch', he can turn any content into beautiful and engaging pieces. 

Lloyd Purnell - Asst Producer/Editor

Lloyd is a versatile and conscientious member of our team who can shoot and edit in equally accomplished manners. Most recently, he had the herculean task of handling archive as an assistant editor for 'I Am Durán'. 

Patrick Nathanson - Producer

Coming from a journalism background, Pat has a vast network of contacts. He has a tenacity and hunger for new ideas and is fundamental in our project development process. He also produced the documentary series 'Fight Game - The McGuigans' and most recently 'I Am Duràn'. 

Nick Hartwell - New Projects Producer

Nick is essential in our new projects initiatives.   He brings his vast industry knowledge and interpersonal skills to the table, expertly pulling together brands or documentary opportunity for our development and production team.

Tom Howell - Financial Controller

Tom oversees all of our financial affairs. Whether it be working closely with the team, clients or film investors, Tom has a keen attention to detail in ensuring all projects are delivered within budget.   

George Turner - Asst Editor/Runner

George brings an adaptive developing skillset across multiple disciplines. He allows the team to focus on their roles by assisting in key areas across all of our projects.

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